The Venetian Mask, symbol par excellence of smartness, lust and erotism, is the emblem of an enchanted time, made of mysticism and extra conformism, far from any other time but not far from everywhere. The setting is the magic town of Venice, precious stone of Italy, surrounded by the fresh waters of Lido, rich of colors, perfumes and raw materials. The shakers are different from each other, they have various shapes but an unified by a single desire, the surrender of the flash, called in ancient Italian “Carnasciale” (from whom Carnevale derives). In Venetian Carnival luxury and poverty, tradition and transgression, reality and fancy are mixed together giving life to an original world, incomprehensible but also charming and fascinating. The true characters of this world are Venetian Masks, worn to hide the face and to alter the voice. Anybody, rich or poor, could give way to the pleasures of the flesh, of gluttony, without being recognized.

Our Masks are the product of a thousand-year-old tradition, born in the Venetian workshop of mask makers and handled down from generation to generation. The products used to realize the masks are of prime quality: handmade papier-mache, stucco, leather and precious stones. The manufacturing of these masks come directly from the most skilled and experienced mask makers which gave attention to each detail.

Our masks are absolutely original and unique, since they are handmade, every model is unrepeatable and one-off.

Masks presented in our catalogue are the best of Made in Italy and are some charming and magnetic.
Their beauty won directors such as Stanley Kubric in “Eyes Wide Shut”, Walt Disney producers in the remake of “Casanova” and, finally, the exclusive and refined Cirque du Soleil.